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Why I'm Running


I have lived in District 11 for almost 5 years and love the community we live in. In that time I've seen the area neglected by local unopposed self serving politicians, and it's time someone stands up for our community to take the power back.

The roads have become almost undrivable, crime has been on the uprise with little to no police presence. I will reach out to local police to be a community partner and work to increase patrols to keep us safe.

I will work to eliminate the growing homeless camps and work to identify the root cause of the homelessness and try to get the afflicted the help they need.

I will work, tirelessly, to reduce and eliminate the growing homeless encampment crisis. I will work closely with Brittany McCann and any other Tennessean that wants to eliminate this crisis.
If we keep closing camps the homeless will just set up camp somewhere else. That will never solve the crisis it will only move it around our state.
I want to talk with the people in the camp and find the root cause of why they are homeless. 

Are they just going through a rough time, lost their job and housing?  I will work to help find them the resources they need to find temporary housing and jobs until they can regain their self sufficiency.

Are they mentally ill or have drug/alcohol issues? I want to help them access the treatment they need so they are off the streets and getting that treatment, not laying on the concrete suffering.

If they have committed crimes I want accountability for those crimes.
Poverty and Homelessness is not a crime, an illegal act is a crime!

If you are happy with our current councilman, there is a 2.0 running, and that is not me. By all means vote for them.

But Just Know, I AM HERE FOR YOU! They Are Not!

District 11 is one of the few districts in Davidson County that doesn't hold monthly or quarterly constituent meetings. Some candidates want to continue that tradition. 
If you want your voice's heard, on a regular basis, you know who to vote for.

You have to ask yourself when deciding which candidate to vote for.

Do you want a candidate that has little to no interest in you or your needs? One that is running, to be a 1 term council member, only to fulfill a political family legacy?

Do you want a candidate that is working with, and funded by, big businessmen that are trying to change laws to suit themselves and line their own pocket?

Do you want a candidate who prioritizes their fulltime job over you? 

To Me:
You Are The Priority
Because You Matter

Do you want a candidate that couldn't be bothered to show up?
If you can't show up while actively campaigning, you definitely won't be showing up if elected.

I WILL WORK TO TAKE THE POLITICS OUT OF POLITICS! I will be open to communication and do everything in my power to make sure the best is done for us, ALL OF US, and not what is best for me! If you have a concern, you can reach out to me and I will give you an honest answer and fight for you. I won't just tell you what I think you want to hear and then turn around and do the exact opposite. If you'd like to reach out to me, I'd be glad to discuss our community with you.

I will use my experience in profit and loss/budgeting to keep our community profitable. I will use my keen sense of logic and reasoning to find creative, out of the box, solutions to issues.
I will be open to your idea's as well.

I believe in accountability for all and am not afraid to stand up to any member of government, whether it's another Council Member, Staff Reviewer, or even, The Mayor.
We all need to be held accountable! Not just a select few.

I will fight for YOU with Honesty and Transparency.

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With Permission From The Guitarist Of This Great Band I Have A Campaign Theme Song.
Heaven's Edge
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