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Who Is Joe DeLucas?

Multi Award Winning Songwriting:
I have written 100's of songs either by myself or with a co-writer.
1x Nominee/Winner (Honorable Mention) Out On The Town Magazine
9x Nominee 2x Winner Tennessee Songwriters Association International

14X Nominee 1x Winner Josie Music Awards
Check Out Madison Hughes "Hate That You Love Me"

Midnight Snack & Other Life Verses

This is a collection of Poetry, Prose & Essays
Available for Purchase In The Online SHOP

In The Woods
This is a Children's Book that is currently in need of an illustrator so it can be shopped for publication

Adam Doleac "Drinking It Wrong" Music Video


Holland, Michigan
Starring Nicole Kidman

Background Extra Church & Parade Scenes

Law Of Toughness
(Naked Gun Reboot)
Starring, Liam Neeson & Pamela Anderson
Background Extra MMA Fan, Chaos Runner, Crazed Fan

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